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Menstrual Freedom Map 

A 30 Day Online Course for Womb Holders who want more knowledge, connection & freedom in their menstrual cycle. 

This course is a fully guided journey that takes you through each day of your menstrual cycle.

The journey begins the first day you begin bleeding. 

Then each day, for the next 30 days, you will receive a new lesson that will take you deeper into the magic of your moon cycle. 

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You will receive grounded teachings related to...

- Basic 101 physiologic functioning

- What is occurring hormonally

-Emotional and psycho-spiritual aspects of the cycle

-Teachings on the 4 earth seasons & moon phases

-Somatic & Self Care Practices

-Witchy Rituals 

This is a course for you if you are wanting to deepen your relationship with your womb, your cycle & want to learn how to sustainably harvest your energy to have better balance between rest & productivity. 

If you're tired of...
  • Feeling like you need to hide and cover up your blood because it is seen as "messy" and "dirty"

  • Feeling like your cycle or period is an inconvenience to your life

  • Thinking if you stop to rest or take part in regular self-care that you are unproductive, unsuccessful, & needy 

  • Feeling like your emotions are getting the best of you - you feel like you're "too much" and not enough all at the same time

  • Feeling scared to go off of hormonal birth control, for fear of pregnancy or hormonal side effects

  • You feel exhausted, angry and confused about your cycle & compare yourself to other's & wonder why some women seem to never need to slow down

  • Pushing through even though you are running on empty, you have weak or nonexistent boundaries when it comes to self care

  • Struggling to balance the depths of your emotional spectrum

and you want to...
  • Love your menstrual cycle and celebrate & honor your blood

  • Actually feel connected to & love your body & female anatomy 

  • Deeply understand & trust your own body, so you have clarity to make informed decisions

  • Feel more resourced and hopeful, you can trust your unique feminine energy to feel empowered and in control

  • Trust in your ability to manage your fertility & have epic sex without fear of getting pregnant  

  • Utilize the natural cycles of your body & seasons to create more productivity, flow, and success in your business and life

  • Know that everything you are feeling is normal and there's nothing wrong with you!

  • Ignite & blossom with your creativity so you can birth your desires and dreams

  • Show up for & honor yourself by actually creating ritual magic. Acknowledging the creatix and witch that you are 


The patriarchal system has made it extremely difficult for you to push past these beliefs.

Womb holders owning their wild power is seen as a threat to this very system. 

Let's work at dismantling it...shall we? 

If you relate to any of this...​

Then this journey is for you.

It's time to take action. 

It is up to you to create the change that you want to see in your cycle, in your life. 

I am here guide you through your journey with compassion and love... 

And its up to you to say YES

What other people are saying...

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"It's the first time of my life I was waiting and talking and knowing my cycle was about to come. Communicating with the Moon and feeling, being present for the insights and intuition inside me. Thank you Naema, I am feeling blessed and honored to be able to take part in this course, committing to mySelf and the only Truth that exists, cycles. 
AHO to you sister."

-Anonymous, fall 2020

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-Emily, fall 2020

-Rebecca, fall 2020

The Format


In this course we will journey together, uncovering the mysteries of the Menstrual Cycle in the format of...

- Videos 

- Guided audio recordings 

-Visual keynote presentations 

-Written material

What's Inside...

The Menstrual Mysteries Revealed is a 30 day, guided experience that consists of...

  • An intro prep list and video series to help you get the most out of this course. 

  • 4 anatomy and physiology mini-lessons 

  • Lessons on each of the 4 phases from a psycho-spiritual & earth based standpoint 

  • 4 Rituals for each phase of your cycle 

  • Journaling prompts to integrate the lessons & information and spark inner reflection

  • 4 guided meditations 

  • Embodiment tools and exercises 

  • Video lessons & transmissions 

  • Visual keynote instruction & guidance 

  • 1 comprehensive body & self care guide 

  • Surprises along the way! 

Meet your guide...

Naema Pierce
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I love to support vulva owners in receiving knowledge & support all across the womb continuum

I am honored and grateful to have you here. 


I am a Holistic Reproductive Health Educator + Somatic Bodyworker & Pelvic Floor Healer + Fierce Supporter of Women’s Reproductive Justice.


My journey of arriving into this work was birthed through my own need of support with painful periods, desire to ditch the Pill, passion for women’s reproductive justice...and not to mention all the societal and personal trauma that I needed to unwind in my own pelvis. 

I had menstruated for 5 years before I was finally informed about how to understand my menstrual cycle on a deeper physical and emotional level. I had two reactions to this...

  1. I was pissed! Pissed that I wasn't taught this previously. 

  2. Second, relief. Relief to know that most everything I experience is completely normal. 

But the biggest gift was learning that my menstrual cycle is my wild power. It is where my most potent energy resides. And that I can use it to create the life that I desire. 

Since then I've been pretty obsessed & passionate about all things related to female reproductive health & sexuality. 


And I have dedicated my work to support people like you to have access to knowledge & care all across this wild womb continuum. 

My mission is to emPOWER you to cultivate rich communication with and confidence in your body and cyclical rhythms. This knowledge blooms through gaining body literacy, finding clarity in your own desires, needs, pleasures and boundaries for your body, sexuality and sense of self.

"I can imagine this course is being well received across the board! I've been sharing a lot of what I've been learning with my sister & encouraged her to go off of hormonal birth control. You are offering up such goodness in this course. We all appreciate you. Looking forward to the next course!"

-E.S. fall/winter 2020

"Grateful to receive Naema's womb wisdom and permission to claim space, rest and take the highest care of Self."

-K.H. fall/winter 2020

"I am loving this course! I've been dealing with a lot (health wise) lately so this has been a fun, new lens/way of looking at things. I am feeling a lot closer to myself because of it. :)"

-Anonymous, fall 2020

"I love your calm confidence as you teach such potent and juicy material. Celebrating all that you do!!!"


"I love all the good information you provide. You are one of the few people who seem to really genuinely care about the people you interact with. I'm glad we have this platform to learn and grow together!"


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What if I'm on hormonal birth control? Can I still get something out of this?

YES! The 30 day framework of this course is intended to help educate you on what occurs in a menstrual cycle (when hormonal birth control doesn't interfere). Even if you are not following the course according to your cycle, there is still SO much information about menstrual cycle awareness included that will benefit you.  

When does the course start?

You begin it on the first day of your next period, you will receive one lesson per day for 30 days. Or whenever is best for your timing. 

When should I start the course if I don't have a period or regular cycle?

You can begin on the new moon, or the full moon and follow the moon cycle for a greater felt sense of cycle connection. OR whenever feels good for you!

Are there embodiment or somatic practices? 

Yes. They are slow, gentle, supportive, and optional. If you have concern that it could be triggering for you, you can skip it. 

Will I learn how to chart my cycle for birth control/health? 
You will receive introductory cycle tracking information. But this is not a cycle tracking course. HOWEVER, this course lays the groundwork for you to have all the knowledge to learn how to track your cycle with greater awareness, which I believe is essential to successful cycle tracking. Cycle tracking course is coming in 2021 & this course will be a pre-requisite. 

What if I feel concerned or nervous about joining? 
Listen to your body, love. 
Everything in the course is an invitation & designed to help you begin developing a more embodied relationship with your womb. I want to cultivate your own inner authority. That place inside where you trust your intuition & body wisdom to make the best choices for you. I urge you to explore your healthy edges and then take what you like & leave the rest. 

What do I need for this course? 

A womb, and commitment to yourself. Everything else is secondary.

How long will I have access to the course? 

Forever! And you will receive the new and improved updated course when it comes out as long as you complete your surveys & feedback.  

Still have questions?

No worries! Please write to me at and we can have a 15 min phone chat to ease your mind.