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"Naema is an incredible therapist. Not only is she skilled and knowledgeable about the body and the art of massage, she also exudes a calming, relaxed energy. I’m impressed with her breadth of talent, specifically her skills with abdominal massage to aid in premenstrual and postpartum symptoms. I always look forward to my sessions with Naema and feel 100% better when I leave her space. She’s fantastic in every way!"

-Susanna B. 


Because of my history competing in endurance races, a twenty-plus year career as an Army Infantryman, and a current career in public service that puts stress on my body, I expend a lot of effort maintaining my physical wellness.  One of the most important aspects of my self-care routine is regular massages, and for me, finding the right massage therapist is crucial upon moving to a new area.  I feel very fortunate to have found Naema upon moving to Western North Carolina several years ago.  She has learned my mind and body, and her expertise and willingness to listen to me, has helped maintain the quality of life I seek without drugs or medication.  Additionally, over the past seven months, as I have recuperated from a traumatic injury, she has worked in concert with my Occupational and Physical Therapists to maximize my healing.  She deserves a great deal of credit for her part in speeding my recovery.  Naema is a caring friend and the best of many massage therapists I’ve had over the years.  



Bodywork for female bodies.


Mayan Abdominal Massage

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Abdominal massage has been used for holistic health as long as history has been recorded. It has been passed down through generations of midwives and Mayan healers, treating all kinds of imbalances- physical and emotional. 

Mayan Abdominal Massage is a technique used externally, applied to the abdomen and pelvis. This massage helps to realign the internal organs, aid in digestive health, relieve tension in the diaphragm, improve organ function, & release physical & emotional blocks in the abdomen. This allows the body to reestablish optimum health throughout the whole body. 

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Affective in treating for...

  • Digestive issues, pain, discomfort

  • Constipation 

  • Gastritis

  • Chronic indigestion & heart burn

  • Lower back pain

  • Painful/irregular periods & ovulation

  • Dark, thick fluids at beginning and end of menses 

  • Amenorrhea 

  • Headaches/dizziness with menses 

  • PMS 

  • Endometriosis 

  • Uterine Polyps 

  • Uterine Cysts

  • Vaginitis 

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Difficult menopause

  • Painful Intercourse

  • Infertility

  • Postpartum pain/trauma (birth, abortion, miscarriage)

  • Recurring miscarriages


Pelvic Floor Massage

Pelvic Floor Massage

Pelvic floor massage is a form of therapeutic massage that is used for relieving tension, pain, & general discomfort in the pelvic floor, vagina, & sacrum as well as methods for somatic experiencing – healing past traumas, stories, & scarring that is often held in these vulnerable parts of our body. 


Since no two bodies are alike and no two women’s stories are alike, we all need unique, individualized care.

In these bodywork sessions I like to allow the time and space for anything to come up and be processed.

Sometimes we start on one path and end up in a different place than expected due to this fluidity. In our 2 hours sessions any of the following could be included:


Emotional Release techniques

Desires, fears, boundaries consent work

Finding and using your sacred ‘yes’ & ‘no’

Embodiment Coaching

Nervous system regulation techniques

Vulva Mapping

 Internal/External Pelvic Floor Massage

Pelvic massage and bodywork has repeatedly changed the lives of women and allowed deep healing & reconnection with their sacred womb and sexuality. This type of bodywork is for those that are looking for a mind-body approach to sexual and reproductive health & healing.

This bodywork may address the following:


  • Sexual abuse/trauma

  • Abortion/miscarriage

  • Childbirth

  • Pelvic Pain

  • Painful sex

  • Painful menstruation

  • Irregular/ Absent Periods

  • Tailbone/pelvic injuries

  • Boundary or consent violation

  • Postpartum Healing

  • Birthing Trauma, C-section, Episiotomy or tearing scars

  • Lost/Lack of Libido

  • Perimenopause

  • Childhood physical and emotional wounding


Our two-hour sessions will follow a general flow as outlined below, and allowing plenty of space to move and shift directions for each client's unique needs and desires.


Intention: With the first session we will go over your histories in terms of - sexual, reproductive, trauma (physical/emotional), & relational to create a map for you.

This can be very informative, insightful and healing for individuals- considering we most likely have never done this type of history reflection work. This will help you to clearly identify what your intentions and desires are with the session.


Embodiment: I will teach you some emotional release & breathing techniques that will be supportive in using as we go through the physical massage. This helps the body to truly discharge and allow clearance of whatever emotions that may or may not arise, as well as fully bringing in new intentions. 


Bodywork: we will move into the physical bodywork, working together. With your consent, this can include hands on external and internal massage. Continually calling upon previous embodiment tools as needed.


Integration: when the bodywork is complete we will allow time for personal integration and sharing. We will reassess and plan beneficial practices to take home with you and any follow up care.

Naema has been working with me and a degenerative hip for a number of months. To say that she keeps me moving would be an understatement. Naema provides a knowledge and caring for these type injuries / conditions that is fantastic. Her commitment to helping me has made a true difference in my mobility and energy level.
I am very proud to recommend her for any massage . I consider her a true healer and friend.
-Carl P.

I began coming to Naema for massage and bodywork after a traumatic event. She created a comfortable space for me to begin to let go of some of the tension my body was carrying from it. One of the ways she did this was by listening not only to my words, but also to my body. Over time, as she has come to learn my body, she’s become even more adept at releasing not only the muscles but also the emotions that seemed to be in them, as well. I appreciated that she was patient and took the time that my body needed to begin to relax. As she has continued to work on my body, she’s offered different types of bodywork that have helped my body to feel more healthy and more in balance. Naema has been wonderful in helping me get back to a place where I feel more like myself!

-Kirstin B.

Naema gives a fantastic massage. I come out feeling relaxed and ready to book another! She also listens and applies techniques to solve your issues. I had trouble with my sinuses and she massaged my face and used eucalyptus oil to open them up. She has also given me an abdominal massage that helped with PMS. I give her 5 stars out of 5. I would recommend booking a massage with her!


Naema is an excellent massage therapist! She has a calm presence and is very intuitive to what your body needs. She gives attention to areas that many other massage therapists miss. Her touch can be as strong or as gentle as you like---she communicates frequently about providing just the right amount of pressure. I felt deeply relaxed after leaving my massage session and had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time!

-Sara L. 


 Energetic Surgery 

This modality is sometimes referred to as an "energetic surgery". It is used to treat emotional and energetic situations, healing through past traumas that we are aware of or sometimes unaware of, and how they have been stored in our bodies.


The Maya believe that our soul can be affected by different energies, such as the “susto” or getting scared or experiencing trauma, this causes blockages that manifest into physical problems.


This massage helps to realign the organs, and center our energies. It is commonly used for women after birth, to help the uterus contract back to its correct position. This massage is highly beneficial for women postpartum (birth, abortion, miscarriage) to recover from the trauma a body goes through in any of these situations. No matter how pleasant your experience was. This massage is a holistic approach to overall health and healing.  

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