Hello Beauty, my name is Naema (Nai-e-ma) 

I love to support vulva owners receive knowledge & support all across the womb continuum.

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Are you ready to learn all the things about your vulva, your blood, sex & fertility that you didn’t receive in any sex education class?  


It’s not your fault that you don’t know, and probably not your mothers fault either...

Say yes!

Because I want to help you in reclaiming your body & harmonizing with its innate wisdom. 


I am here to support you in…

1. Becoming more familiar with your vulva & womb, its monthly cycles, and how to use these cycles to amplify your life (the witchy shit).

2. How to track your menstrual cycles for fertility awareness & cycle health.


3. Healing past & present stories/injuries/traumas that are stuck in the pelvic bowl through somatic pelvic floor bodywork & emotional release.


4. Support you through your abortion – finding care, postpartum healing, rituals, and reframing the shame lens that is often associated with abortion. Because abortion shame is a social construct.

5. Discovering and embodying your sexual self. Learn how own your desires, communicate them, and transmute your sexual energy to create and manifest whatever you want. 


6. Unleash the healthy, wild feminine within. Finding your power & sovereignty.


7. Offer a space for women to be in community together, discussing & sharing the infinite topics of what it means to be in these bodies. 

From My Cycle

to Yours

I am honored and grateful to have you here. 


I am a Holistic Reproductive Health Educator + Somatic Bodywork & Pelvic Floor Healer + Fierce Supporter of Women’s Reproductive Justice.


My journey of arriving into this work was birthed through my own need of support with my painful periods, desire to ditch the Pill, and passion for women’s reproductive justice.


My entry into womanhood was met by experiencing debilitating periods, lack of knowledge and support of what was happening in my body & was pushed down the road of hormonal birth control to “regulate” my cycle. So I took the pill for 5 years (somewhat irresponsibly because I wasn't properly educated) and experienced a long list of undesirable side affects...and still had awfully painful periods. Yeah, the Pill didn't fix my actual problem.  Finally, after 5 years of being on the pill, I stopped taking it. This was influenced by my partner at the time who began to talk to about all the negative side effects of being on synthetic hormones. And he planted a seed in my mind then, that has grown into a massive thirst for knowledge around birth control options. He helped show me that the pill is not my only answer. That there are other ways to take care of my womb & fertility. At the time, that was a pretty revolutionary idea, and one I hadn't even considered.


Within the same couple months of this discovery, my path led me to a woman's circle.  The first women’s cycle class I ever sat in changed me to my core…all the light bulbs went off. I learned all the things that we as women should have been taught before or upon entering menarche (receiving our first blood). A returning home to my body occurred, and since then, everything has been different… I credit Marissa Correira for holding the space & inviting me to her class. 



















Some of my biggest realizations:
-I am the earth, and extension of her, and I move in cycles and rhythms just as she does. 

-My blood is sacred 

-That my body does more than just bleed once a month, my body experiences hormonal changes EVERY SINGLE DAY

-My hormones are my super powers and suppressing them (with drugs) or pretending they don't shift everyday, suppresses my powers.

-That my sexuality and innate desire for pleasure is my birthright and I am in charge of who and what enters my vagina ALWAYS.

-That other women experience the same things that I experience. WOAH, this normalized a lot for me.  


I credit my body being the biggest teacher to me of all. As a self-taught menstrual cycle tracker, I discovered the tools that allow me to witness my body’s language communicating with me, which unfolds in front of me with a clear dialogue of what might need more tending care and what is flowing smoothly.


As I continued down this path of cycle tracking, it became apparent to me the lack of information that is available for women about holistic reproductive health. This surged my desire to understand why that is. (No surprise it’s the patriarchal systems that suppress women for reasons that are mostly political & economical…as well as power dynamics).


This birthed my passion of women’s reproductive justice, especially around providing menstrual cycle & embodiment education, as well as supporting throughout the process of abortion.  I want to get this knowledge about women’s reproductive health and rights into as many girls and women’s hands as possible.


My mission is to emPOWER women to cultivate rich communication and confidence with their bodies and cyclical rhythms. Which blooms through gaining body literacy, finding clarity into our own desires, needs, pleasures and boundaries for your body, sexuality and sense of self.

 I have witnessed through the classes and conversations that I hold with individuals the remarkable progress that self discovery that can happen. I have also observed in others bodies, as well as my own, the immense healing that can occur through bodywork and somatic experiencing. 

As a licensed massage therapist, I have learned, seen and felt first hand how much we as humans hold onto old stories, pain and traumas in our bodies. There are not many tools, that we are taught, in our world to help women release what is held in our pelvic bowl, womb, & vulva.  Just like our shoulders hold tension, stress, trauma and pain, so do our vulvas and wombs. Especially when we undergo major rites of passage like birth, miscarriage/abortion or experience forms of sexual trauma & assault. Not to mentioned a minor fall onto the cement off your bike when you were a little girl. Yep, that shit can hang around.


As a trained bodywork therapist in Mayan Abdominal Massage & Pelvic Floor Massage/Release, I use these modalities in assisting the process of physical alleviation, somatic experiencing & emotional release to help you to let go of the tension & holding patterns in your body.

So, that's part of my story. And why I am passionately here offering this work. Cycles, fertility, sex, embodiment, abortion support, pleasure, destigmatizing shame, helping women embrace their wild feminine, & bringing community together. 


"Because each time women gather in circles, the world heals a little more". 

Thank you for reading

 Bless Your Body

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